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Okoboji is pretty much the poster child for Bur Oak Blight.

-ARBORjet executive

Bur Oak Blight (BOB) is a disease caused by the fungus Tubakia and is relatively new to the plant pathogen landscape. BOB started to appear in Midwestern states in the 1990’s. The Lakes Area has an unusually large number of affected trees due to the concentrated amount of mature, native, bur oak trees which allows this highly contagious disease to spread. As with any newly diagnosed disease, information can vary and treatment research is ongoing. Brian Kelly, TruGreen owner, has spent countless hours researching online and contacting various companies and experts regarding BOB. He chose to work with ARBORjet, the leader in tree injection, due to their impressive research, accessibility, and superior equipment. Brian has been training and working closely with the experts to give you the most up-to-date information and the best treatments available.

Bur Oak Blight Identification:

  • Brown, curling leaves
  • Dead leaves will not drop from the tree in winter
  • Purple lesions on middle vein of leaves
  • Black pustules on leaf stalk

Bur Oak Blight Prevention and Treatment:

  • Keep the plant healthy and treat with recommended injections
    • Water as needed at ground level
    • Propizol Injection applied by a licensed and trained professional to insure proper timing and application rate for 24 month control.  (included in TruGreen BOB treatment)
    • Iron (Fe) Injection or Two-lined chestnut borer treatment if insects present  (included in TruGreen BOB treatment)
    • Once the tree is healthy again, fertilize in the root zone (TruGreen can provide tree fertilization); however we do not recommend fertilization during recovery.

Why Treat for Bur Oak Blight?

As you take time to evaluate your trees, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this tree worth saving?  What does this tree add to my home’s aesthetic as well as my personal enjoyment of shade, wind barrier, cooling effects, etc.? How will losing my trees affect my property value?
  • What will it cost to have the tree removed if it goes untreated and dies?  Removal of a mature oak tree costs thousands.

Why TruGreen?

Brian Kelly has owned TruGreen since 1998 and has a degree in Horticulture, Turf Grass Management and Floriculture. He has met numerous times with Jeff Palmer, ARBORJet specialist, and Jay Goughnour, SiteOne ARBORJet distributor, for training and has continuing communications with both for BOB treatments and best practices.

While we cannot guarantee results due to environmental factors out of our control, we CAN guarantee that we will use the best practices done by certified, licensed and trained, local professionals who have a vested interest in keeping our Iowa Great Lakes area trees healthy and beautiful.

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